Monday, November 28, 2011

Thank you Nana and Uncle Bim

Bennett opening his gift, yes, pants are optional in our house most of the time.
A new tractor! And it makes noise, even better.
Nana knows her way to the kids' heart, killer whales. This is a pillow case that Nana made for Addie. She has slept on it every night.
Gare Bear opening his quilt.
Addie LOVES her purse. She has filled it with toys, including her toy cell phone, and carries it with her everywhere. She whips out her cell phone periodically and pretends to talk to her friends. She had the ladies at church this morning just cracking up.
Garrett checking out his new quilt, it coordinates nicely with his brother's quilt and their room decor.
Ben got a killer whale pillow case too! He is excited, I promise, he just gets overwhelmed.
Me with my new purse checking out Addie's new Rapunzel book.
Nannie feeding Garrett, this boy can put away some food right now.
Aunt Laura and Addie in their matching green.
Ben trying out the light up reindeer antlers. Nannie brings the most fun things.
Jon with his gift from Nana and Uncle Bim, a Miami Dolphins mug. He loves it and it is so cute, whenever the kids see anything Miami Dolphins related they start singing the song. They had fun tormenting GeeGee who is a Dallas Cowboys fan.
Garrett rocking out on his guitar. This guitar was a big hit with all the kids. We woke up to it over the baby monitor at 5:45 the other morning, Ben was going to town.
Thank you Nana and Uncle Bim for all of the treasures. We feel so loved!

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