Monday, November 21, 2011

Play Date Fun

We got to have a play date today with some of our friends. Ethan and Ben are almost the same age and they have so much fun together.
Addie and Noah were in the same preschool class last year. Noah and Ethan have a new baby brother at home, so they came to our house for a little while to play and let their mommy have a little break.
The kids were all being very silly. Of course my two were the silliest.
Garrett had noodles for lunch.

He loves to eat and he loves noodles.

Garrett liked his noodles so much he decided to try and eat his plate.

After lunch we all went outside to burn off more energy. Ben and Ethan play really well together, especially since they are 2 two year old boys.
Addie being silly with Noah
Ethan having fun on the swing.
Garrett was taking it all in.
Gare Bear loves to be one of the big kids now. Earlier today he crawled all the way out to the bottom of the slide and was having fun with Addie and Ben.
We had so much fun playing with our friends!

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