Thursday, November 3, 2011

Very Special Visit with Poppa

This was a very special week for our family. This year Jon was selected by our church to become a deacon. For those of you unfamiliar with what a Southern Baptist deacon does, they are a group of men that help the Pastor run the church. The Greek word for deacon means servant and that is what they do, serve where they are needed. We are all so proud of Jon and we were so excited that his dad could fly in to be a part of the ceremony.

Poppa got here in time to eat dinner and ready bed time stories to the kiddos.

Addie really enjoyed her time with Poppa. In the morning Addie went to school and Poppa got to spend some special time with Ben while Garrett took a nap. I used the opportunity to work on my shop at the Antique Gallery. Poppa saw how different Ben can be when he gets some one on one time.

All ready for our evening at church. A special occasion is a great reason to dress the boys up in matching outfits, even though they just went to the nursery.
Poppa and Garrett had a great time together. Garrett is feeling a little under the weather, but he loved all the extra attention from Poppa.
Addie was happy to take a picture, Garrett was hamming it up for the camera, Bennett was done taking pictures. He is such a stinker.
Poppa was able to get a couple more smiles out of him.
Even though it was a quick visit we had so much fun visiting with Poppa, we love you!

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