Wednesday, November 16, 2011

11 Months

Our little Gare Bear is already 11 months old, I can't believe that I am planning his first birthday in just a couple of weeks. He is crawling all over the place, he loves to sneak up the stairs, he has 5 teeth, but people usually only see the bottom 2 that stick out. He loves his brother and sister, but he does not like loud noises, sometimes those two do not mix. He waves bye bye and blows kisses. He is the sweetest little boy I could imagine.

Here is my little man helping me at my shop. I sold a bench so I needed to rearrange and when I put Garrett down he made a beeline for the mirrors and had a good ole' time.
At one point he was kissing the baby, it was so cute, except I didn't have my windex with me. Hopefully the shoppers will appreciate the extra love.
Thank you for all of the birthday wishes this week, I felt so special.
I now have a blog dedicated to my creations and finds at There is a facebook page too.

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  1. How precious. He is so cute and such a great addition to your shop.