Sunday, March 11, 2012

10 on 10 March

10 on 10 March 2012
Ten on Ten: Take a picture for ten consecutive hours to document the beauty in every day life.
This 10 on 10 fell on a Saturday, we didn't have any plans and we had a little girl who is still feeling a little yucky from a cold.  Even though she wasn't feeling well Addie was still ready to GO, so we loaded up the van and headed out for one of my favorite things, an Estate Sale.  I have the best husband ever because he was totally exited to go with me.
9:20 am  Headed to the Estate Sale, coffee in hand.
 10:20 Leaving the Estate Sale with my treasures in hand.  I always have a hard time with estate sales that are happening quickly after someone's death.  This woman's house coat was still hanging on the back of her closet door. Thankfully it was being handled by a professional company instead of the grief stricken family.  I did find some great things, and they will be put to good use. 
 11:20 After some driving around and looking at houses we were headed home when I asked Jon to let me run into this store.  It is just far enough from the house that we only pass it when we are on a trip and never want to stop.  I am glad I finally went in, curiosity satisfied and I don't think I need to go back. 
 Here are my happy shoppers.
 12:20 Still on the way home, we decided to stop and see the dogs that they have for adoption.  We know we can't get a dog right now, but Jon loves to look.  I mentioned it would be hard for Addie, but Jon thought she could handle it.  Of course she found a puppy that she LOVED and wanted to take home.  It was a ChiWeenie, the name itself is enough to not want to adopt it, but the puppy was adorable and I felt so bad tearing Addie away from her new best friend.  
 Jon agreed that we would no subject Addie to any more looking at dogs until we were ready to bring one home.  Isn't that the most pitiful face?  
 1:20 Back at home with a full belly of grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup.  Everyone was ready for a nap so that  I could head out for my usual nap time adventures.  
 This is how Ben spends a lot of his day. 
 2:20 Today's nap time adventure was different though because I was heading to a new part of town.  I have lived in Houston for almost 3 years and had never ventured to The Heights.  I recruited a couple of friends to go with me and we headed down to see what treasures we could find.  Here are Margaret and Anna outside our first stop.  Can you tell we were all excited for a child free afternoon?  
3:20 The shopping was so much fun.  I only bought one little thing, but the shops were so inspiring.  I was too busy looking and kept forgetting to take pictures.  There were some very high end antique and furniture stores, there was an amazing vintage clothing store, and a couple of antique malls that are still my favorite kind of shopping.  Do you like the rain boots?  I was ready for the mud from the mornings rain.  
 4:20 The shopping was fun, but the girl time was better.  Here I am enjoying a Pumpkin Spice latte, YUM.  I love that this place has them on the menu year round.  

 5:20 Anna got the award for best find.  This little two drawer piece was adorable and she talked the guy down on the price, Way to Go!
 6:20 We drove back out to the suburbs just in time for dinner.  I literally pulled into the driveway as the delivery person was leaving.  Garrett had a full belly and he was a happy boy.  
I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my day!

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  1. Please don't let her look at puppies and not get one! That face makes me want to buy her a puppy!