Saturday, March 17, 2012

Heading to Terrell for Spring Break

We started off our Spring Break with an oil change for the van.  Then we got into the van and drove for about 4 hours.  The kids did great traveling.  
 When we got there the kids were ready to play.  My cousin Mikey is 11 and has a lot of fun toys.  Addie made a bee line for the karaoke machine.
 Ben and Rett found the shooter guns.
 Mikey was so sweet with the kids.
 Garrett wanted to be like his big brother and play with the shooter guns.
 On Tuesday we went to Waffle House.
 Garrett was having fun with Nannie and Mikey.
 Aunt Laura and Addie were having fun too.
 Ben was ready to eat.
 I love this sweet picture of Mikey and Garrett.
 I forgot Garrett's booster seat so we had to improvise during meals.  This is how Garrett ate 2 pieces of pizza.  He was a happy boy while he was eating.
 He loves to cheese for the camera.
 Laura broke out her new scissors and did a few hair cuts. Nana went first.
 Ben's eyes crack me up in this picture.  He did really well for Aunt Laura, usually getting him to sit still is almost impossible.
 Aunt Wendy went next.
 Instead of going back to the Waffle House again, Nannie bought a waffle iron.  The kids were excited to help her make the waffles.
 Garrett was ready to help Nannie eat her yogurt.  Again he is sitting on the counter and he is a happy boy.
 Here is Uncle Bim walking with Garrett, they were so sweet together.  We were leaving the restaurant after eating dinner. Apparently I like to take pictures around meal times.
 Aunt Wendy and Uncle Joe being silly.
 Nannie's turn to walk with Garrett.
 Nana walking Ben to the van.
 Back at home and settling down for the night.
 All the ladies in their leopard print jammies.  I am not sure when this started, but Addie had leopard jammies and another person got a pair and Addie loves to match so we have all gotten a pair.
 Aunt Laura and Ben getting some snuggles.
 Nannie getting some fun time in on the tractor for the boys.
 And Pinot was there too.  The kids loved having her around.
We had such a fun time in Terrell visiting with all of our family.  I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of Quilter's Apprentice, my Aunt and Uncle's new shop.  It is a beautiful little store with a great selection of fabric and anything else you might need for quilting.  They always have beautiful quilts on display as well.  You can check them out at

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  1. LOVED the pictures of everyone! Nice PJs...meow... :)