Friday, March 9, 2012

Successful Shopping Trip!

I always feel a little crazy when I plan on taking all three kids out for a shopping trip.  Today I wanted to go to a garage sale and then to get new shoes for the kids.  
 Garage Sales are always exciting with all three kids.  Garrett did great, Addie shivered the whole time and looked as pitiful as she could.  I think she was mostly upset because they didn't have any killer whales.  Ben was a mess.  I still can't believe he didn't break anything.  The owners just laughed at him though and said he reminded them of their son when he was little.
 I ended up finding some really neat things, the lady that got there right before me bought $100 worth of amazing things and I am thankful she did or I would have felt like I needed to buy more.  I am looking forward to working on a few of these pieces, it is going to be fun!

The next step on our shopping adventure was to the outlet mall for shoes.  The outlet mall is about 40 minutes away, but well worth the drive.  We arrived at Stride Rite at the outdoor mall in the middle of a rain storm.  Trying to hurry with a baby in a sling and a heavy double stroller was not one of my more graceful moments, but we got into the store.  Measuring the feet of three squirmy kiddos when relatively well.  Just as we started to look for shoes Addie had to go potty, of course.  This happens every time, I think the 40 minute drive has something to do with it, so we had to get everyone back into the stroller, go outside in the rain again and go to the restroom.  Doesn't this sound like fun?  Some good news, Ben went potty outside of our house for the first time, we are really on our way to potty training him!
We made it back into the store and this is what we walked away with.  Garrett is the one that prompted this trip because he is now walking and none of the shoes that we had from Ben were the right size or kind of shoe.  Addie and Ben both got some new shoes that can get wet, because these kids LOVE the water and get into it whenever they can.  Addie got an extra pair of shoes for church because it was BOGO 50% and it only made sense to buy a fourth pair of shoes.  
We made it into two other store, Gymboree and Carters.  I knew it was time to pack things up when Ben said he had to go potty again and proceeded to pull down his pants and pull up.  Thankfully I stopped him in time so I didn't have to clean anything up, but we definitely headed to the van pretty quickly.
Now the trick is the 40 minute ride home, at lunch time.  Today I was prepared and had a packed lunch for all of us to eat.  The kids feasted on PBJ, chips, and apple juice while watching Rapunzel.  This is just another fun day, I hope you are all enjoying your Friday.

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  1. What a fun day - isn't so nice when your kids do so well on shopping trips =) And yes the potty thing always comes up when you are in the middle of doing something