Thursday, March 29, 2012

Water Babies

Our kids LOVE water, and it has definitely been warm enough to get out the baby pool here, almost 90 the other day.  Jon is such a good dad, he got the pool out and gave the hose to Addie.  Poor Garrett was soaked from head to toe within minutes.  Don't feel bad for him though, he was absolutely squealing with happiness.  
 Addie is dangerous with a water hose.
 We left Garrett's outfit on him because the mosquitoes were sooooo bad.  What is the first thing he does when he is all good and wet?  Climbs in the dirt of course.  He was trying to use the shovel like a big boy.
 The make things even more interesting I gave the kids these water shooters I had picked up at the end of last summer.  The kids love to shoot water at each other with these, but they really love to shoot Daddy.
 I love her little grin so much, I had to threaten her to make sure she didn't shoot the camera and ME.
We are going to have a fun and wet summer with our water babies.

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