Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Arcades and Gelato

When we prepared to go to Venice Jon and I talked about all of the amazing places we were going to take the kids.  We tried to think of child friendly activities that would also help them learn about and appreciate Venice.  At the end of the weekend the kids had discovered their favorite place in Venice, an arcade on the Lido island.  They loved the video games and ride on toys.  
 This was their absolute most favorite thing to do.
 Daddy got to enjoy playing a few video games too.
 Garrett wanted to shoot, but he couldn't reach.
 Addie driving a race car.
 Garrett doing some driving.
 Addie was having so much fun.

Gare Bear climbed up in the tree with the monkey.  
 Going around and around in circles.
 On the walk home Jon was such a trooper, after carrying Garrett in the back pack all day he was able to carry both boys back to the hotel.
 Back at the hotel we were all able to dig into our favorite treat, gelato!
Garrett really enjoyed the chocolate and strawberry gelato.

 Addie did too.  I didn't get a picture of Ben, but he liked it too.
You just never know what kids are going to enjoy.  You can plan an amazing trip and they end up liking something completely different.  As long as they had fun I am happy.  It will be a fun story to tell them when they get older.

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