Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

Ben has been so cute lately making birthday cakes out of his legos.  He carries the 'cakes' around the house.  
 We were all ready to leave the house the other day to look at cars.  Jon wanted to take a picture of me with all my gear on.  Notice Garrett's cowboy boots, he has been asking to wear them almost every day.
 Now I know how the kids feel when I ask them to pose for pictures all the time.
 This morning I was busy cooking pancakes for everyone.  I get to use the Happy Birthday Plate.  That is a big deal in this house.
 Right now we are working with only one vehicle.  Today the boys and I decided to try walking to our play group.
 Thankfully we had a beautiful day.  This is the picture of the church in our little town.  I love how this church rises up as you walk or drive near it.  This picture was taken just after 10 AM.  This is on a nice sunny day here in Oslo.
 I love walking because you notice places and things that you wouldn't normally see.  I love the houses here.
 This picture is of the same church, but just after 1 PM.  The sun was already setting!  These short days are a really challenging part of living in Norway in the winter.  I know the days will only continue to get shorter until December.
 There is something fun about seeing your birthday is here!  There will be more fun pictures coming after I get my present this weekend.

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