Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Monday Funday!

Jon is a HUGE football fan, and no matter where he is in the world he finds a way to watch the Florida Gators and the Miami Dolphins.  When Jon was in Iraq he found a way to get the games and record them so he didn't have to be up in the middle of the night.  Here in Norway he either stays up late or gets up early the next day to watch the game.  This is Jon and the boys first thing Monday morning watching the Miami Dolphins.  
 Later that day the boys and I went into the city.  It is always an adventure with these two.  We drove to the train station, took the train into the city and then got on a tram to where we wanted to go.  The train isn't a big deal, the tram doors are smaller though, so to get the double stroller on and off I have to fold it up, which means I have to empty the stroller of boys and stuff, carry all of the stuff, make sure Ben doesn't do anything too crazy and usually carry Garrett.  At one point I threw the stroller on to the sidewalk because I was struggling with everything.  A few people did offer to help over the course of the day, but not many.  The double stroller is kind of a pain at times, but totally worth it to have both boys contained as we walk around the city.
 Part of the way through our adventure we stopped for lunch.  I had packed Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for us to eat.  Yesterday was a very mild day so we were able to eat them outside.  The place we stopped to eat is the same place I stopped to eat a meal when I was here in June.  It was really neat to be here with my boys because back in June there was so much uncertainty about whether or not we were going to get to move here.  To be in the same spot 5 months later with my boys shopping for furniture for our house was a neat thing.
We were headed to this shop, Marita's in Gruenlokka.  It is a part of Oslo known for its second hand stores.  I first visited this store last June and knew it would always be one of my favorite stores.  It is a true thrift store that supports people getting back on their feet.  The best part is the basement full of furniture.  Second hand furniture can be hard to find and even harder to transport here.  Marita's delivers for 250NOK per trip.  For just over $40 US I am going to have a beautiful desk and a cabinet delivered to our house.  Well worth the ride across town.
 As we were walking around we saw a convenience store with this giant Shrek.  Ben was pretty excited even if he doesn't look like it here.
 Our adventure included a trip to the mall downtown where I found the boys' outfits for our Christmas pictures, I am so excited about those, a lot of screaming from 2 tired boys and a mad dash home on the train when I realized it was almost time for Addie to be getting home on the bus.  This is the stairway in our local train station.   These wooden ramps are to help get bikes and strollers up and down the stairs.  I have pushed an empty stroller on these before, but today Garrett was done walking so he stayed in the stroller.  I don't think I could do it with Ben in too, it was a work out just with little Gare Bear.
It was a super fun productive day, but I am so glad we are staying home Tuesday to wait for our furniture to be delivered.  More pictures of that to come!

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