Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween in Norway

Jon came home from work on Halloween and took the kids out for some Trick or Treating.  It was a cold and rainy night, but they were all troopers.  These pictures are all as they were coming in the door.  
Addie wanted to be a vampire princess and when I couldn't come through with the vampire teeth she decided to go as a penguin.  Gotta love the rubber boots and winter jacket over the costume.  The reflector belt is a pretty common thing around here.  This is one left over from Jon's time in the Army. We are going to purchase vests for each of the kids.  Addie had a big grin on her face when she came through the door, she was very pleased her candy haul.
This sweet boy did not want to walk at all so Jon carried him the whole time.  
Jonathan is such a good dad, it was wet and cold out there, but he and the kids had a great time.  
Everyone came in to get warmed up and eat some candy, of course.  
Addie picked out a box of raisins to eat, as soon as she put it down Garrett grabbed it.
Then she moved on to a sucker.  
All the kids were so sticky from candy it was time for Tub-Tub.  He looks like a little Who from Whoville.  
Addie wanted me to make her have crazy hair too.
I love these crazy kiddos, and Jon too.  

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