Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pictures on my camera

We have had an exciting couple of days, our sea shipment came on Friday.  It is so nice to have the rest of our things that we are going to get while we are here.  It is also slightly overwhelming to have so much stuff in our house now.  We are working on getting a desk and a bookshelf now to help corral some of our things.  
Here are some of the pictures from my camera this week.  
Garrett has finally realized that everyone else seems to enjoy the iPad and he wants a turn too.  He loves the Elmo ABC app.
 He is growing up so fast, he will be 2 in just about 6 weeks, I can't believe it.
 Garrett wanted to watch Addie play on the computer, he climbed up on the chair and started playing with her hair.  There are so many moments of screaming and fighting, moments like this are so precious.
 Garrett was pointing out where he wrote on the wall with permanent marker.
 Tonight at Ikea we had a really nice time.  Ben and Addie got to go play while Jon, Garrett and I did some shopping and then we all went and ate dinner.  Kids eat free tonight!  Then after dinner we got ice cream.  I was trying to take Garrett's picture, but he wouldn't pose.  Ben offered to pose for me, which is rare, and he was such a little ham.  I love when this playful side of his personality comes out.
 I love these boys so much!
 Garrett really enjoyed his ice cream.  We thought that maybe because it was cold outside the ice cream wouldn't melt so fast, but it did.

Hopefully we will have some more house pictures this week after I am able to do a little furniture shopping.  I am trying to get the house settled so I can start decorating for the holidays!

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