Sunday, November 11, 2012

Not Quite 10 on 10

We have been busy around here, busy looking for a vehicle.  We drove to another town and looked at this mini van.  I really like the size for all the people and stuff we need to be able to move, but I can not imagine trying to park this anywhere.  Shortly after we left this lot we went to a dealership to see what other models of car would work for us.  I think we have decided on a Ford S-Max or a Volkswagon Touran.  We have less than a week to find a vehicle before our rental car has to be returned.  It is going to be a busy week.  
 While we were out we made another trip to McDonald's.  I loved this McDrive sign.
 This is Ben pretending to be asleep on the way home.
 This is Garrett sound asleep on the way home.
 These kiddos love to play on the computer.  I love when they are so sweet like this.
 Saturday November 10th I had every intention of doing 10 on 10, I started with these photos, but I didn't make it very far.  Jon started putting the computer together.
 Ben hung out in his cute new pajamas playing on the ipad.
 Addie was hard at work coloring another piece of art.
 Garrett was having fun playing with the partial containers of yogurt.  He eats some of it too.
 Blueberry pancakes and American style bacon, it was a delicious breakfast if I do say so myself.
 After breakfast we headed to our first Loppemarked, a Norwegian garage sale.  It was awesome, busy, but awesome.  We found some really great things, some of the favorites were this horse, "Pepper".  We had a couple of larger finds, I will have new pictures of those soon.
 After the loppemarked we went by a VW dealership to look at a car.  They had a great Lego table for the kids to play with.
 When we got home everyone was happy to play with our new finds.  The doll cradle has been a big hit.
 The helicopter was not working when we got home, but I was smart enough to put new batteries in it and now it rolls across the floor, makes noise and the lights flash.  Yay.
 Ben was having fun with a Littlest Pet Shop toy that Addie talked me into.
After nap time we met up with a group from our church for Game Night.  We had a wonderful time getting to know everyone and eating delicious homemade pizza.  The kids had so much fun, we all had a lot of fun.

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