Thursday, April 10, 2014

10 on 10 April

I took pictures today, but they were not every hour.  

I hope you enjoy.

There is a smile behind there.

I got Ben's birthday party spot reserved, the lady at the play place did not speak or understand any English.  We got everything worked out and I am looking forward to celebrating our big man.

On our way home for lunch with Daddy, can you see the sword sticking out at Garrett's hip?

I love this, so much of Paris is in bloom right now.

and this.

Our sweet little Malachi

This house is just around the corner from us, they have a couple of ducks that live in their yard.  Occasionally I will see bags of old baguette hanging from their gate.

Another yard I walk by on my way to the bus stop.

My favorite view of the Eiffel Tower, this photo (and many like it) was taken through a broken gate.  I wonder what the owners of the house must think.  I will be so sad if they ever decide to fix their gate.

chien méchant = nasty dog according to

Blue, our fish, got some clean water. 

Thanks to a family moving away we are the proud new owners of a grill.  We are all so excited about our 'new to us' grill.

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  1. Your kids are adorable and paris looks beautiful in the spring!

  2. Love catching up on all your photos Sweetie, can't believe I will be there so soon!!!