Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Exploring Barcelona

We got to our vacation house and it was everything we were hoping for.  The drive up the side of the mountain was a little intimidating, but it was worth it.  
Here is the master bedroom, the bed is super comfortable and the view is amazing.

This is the view from the upstairs balcony.  The green is astro turf and we have had a lot of fun playing in the yard, the pool is just around the corner.

It is not that warm yet, but warm enough for the kids to have fun playing in and around the pool.

The gorgeous view is wasted on the kids, but Jon and I have enjoyed it.

On our first adventure into the city we headed to the cathedral.  Out front there was a brocante fair going on.  Sites like this make my heart happy.  I am still kind of sad that I didn't leave with any treasures, but just getting to peruse these antique and vintage beauties was a treat.

Barcelona's cathedral is beautiful.

The inside is a masterpiece.  

Garrett has been a little wild lately, but how sweet is this face?

Exploring the streets of Barcelona, everyone needed their shades.

Our afternoon was spent at the Aquarium.

The kids pushed through the afternoon without a nap, until Garrett just couldn't go any more.  

Our afternoon walk included a stroll by the statue of Christopher Columbus.

After A LOT of walking we found a place for dinner.  While we waited the kids enjoyed playing on Daddy's phone.

And then dinner came, Paella.  YUM!

Malachi has been such a good sport.  He has been good about sleeping when he can.

After dinner the kiddos got popsicles we enjoyed the sunset in the Placa de Catalunya.

Love the gorgeous fountains here, the flowers are amazing.

We made it home in time to enjoy the sunset over the mountains.

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