Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tarragona; Barcelona Day Trip

We drove about an hour from Barcelona to Tarragona.  I had read about Tarragona and all of the Roman ruins here.  Jon loves Roman history and we had high hopes for this city.  We were not disappointed.  We had a fantastic day exploring this little city.  

The amphitheater here is right on the beach, I love the blue water behind these amazing ruins.

The story of Christians brought to this arena to be martyred is really moving.  

I love this picture of Ben and Addie, they are looking at the same thing and walking in step.

It was lunch time at this point so we walked up the hill a little way and found a restaurant with a small playground, PERFECT!

The restaurant, Le Granotes, had a limited menu, but the location was fantastic.

Here is a view from the street of our lunch time stop.

The flags of the region.

The guy in the black shirt was from Denmark, he was on roller blades, rolled down the wall and off the end.  The kids thought it was really cool.

Later we went to the Forum, Garrett was asleep in the stroller, but Addie and Ben had fun pretending to be statues.  

These two make me laugh.

The sight of the ancient Forum is right in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Here is Jon standing on an ancient Roman road.

This area had the foundations of businesses and shops.

Here is the main square of Tarragona, there are some amazing restaurants and snack bars here.  There is a coffee bar down on the right hand side where we got coffee to go in the morning and in the afternoon we got these amazing caramel frappes from a Nescafe shop.  

There were many more sites to see in Tarragona, but we were all pleasantly worn out at this point.  We could have spent at least one more day exploring this little gem of a city.  If you like Roman history at all I would definitely recommend visiting this great city.

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