Sunday, April 27, 2014

Carcassonne, France

When we are taking a road trip in Europe there are so many wonderful distractions, we could make side trips all day long.  We are usually able to restrain ourselves, but when it came to Carcassonne we made time for a little visit.  We timed our trip on the way home so we could eat lunch in the car and then make a stop to look around here.  
The city did not disappoint, driving up to this restored medieval city it is so intriguing.  

We started walking around the city and had to decide which activity we were going to do. 

Going up on the old wall was a great choice. 

The history of Carcassonne is very interesting.  The city itself was scheduled to be demolished, thankfully Viollet-le-duc, a French architect, stepped in and restored this treasure.  

This little man was happy to be out of his car seat.

Wisteria, my favorite flower, and Addison my favorite little girl.

The cathedral at Carcassonne.

My new favorite picture!

After our little tour here we got back in the car for 3 more hours to Limoges, France.  There we ate dinner and spent the night.  Then just 3 more hours and we were finally HOME!

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  1. fun to take this trip with you...(as it were) and I agree- Precious picture!