Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8 is Great!

Do you see this big man trying to pull up already? He has started scooting to get to things while laying on his stomach and he is almost crawling. He pulls himself up onto his knees whenever he can. He is a great eater, he will try anything I give to him and he is always eyeing our food.
Bennett loves being a big brother, but he is struggling right now with having to share with everyone. He wants to play with Addie and her toys so sharing is an issue there and now that Garrett is almost crawling Ben has to share all of his toys again. It is hard being a 2 year old boy and a middle child.
Usually when I get the camera out he can't help but smile at me. Today I took him outside for some pictures and he was so distracted by everything around him that he would barely look at the camera.
Garrett has 2 teeth and we think he is working on a few more since he has not been sleeping.
I enlisted the help of my assistant to try and get Garrett's attention. Garrett adores his big sister and she was such a big help. I had her sit down so I could test a shot and she would not smile for me. Finally she started giggling and I asked her what she was thinking about. Addie told me that she was thinking about the sneezing baby panda from earlier in the day. That is how she made herself laugh.
She is such a sweet girl and a great big sister.
Even inside this little guy did not want to look at the camera or smile.
I know I am partial, but I think he is still a cutie.
We love this sweet little boy and can't believe that time is going so quickly.

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