Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Shoes and Ice Cream

This little man is by far the messiest eater that I have had so far. He takes any opportunity to spread food over his face, legs, and tray. I made the mistake of leaving the bowl of food on Garrett's tray and this is what he did. It is a good thing he is so cute.

We went back to school shoe shopping this week. Addie didn't mind picking out shoes, especially when she got sneakers with Princesses on them that light up. Ben on the other hand thought we were trying to torture him. He actually started screaming as soon as we walked through the door, it was pretty pathetic. In the end we left with two pairs of snazzy new shoes and a promise of a treat.

We had promised ice cream, and then we couldn't find an ice cream place. Who knew that a cookie shop would have ice cream? Addie and Ben were so excited about their treats, it was a good time.
I wanted a picture of the boys in their outfits and forgot to take a picture all day, so we stopped just outside of the outlet mall to take a few pictures. I'm sure we looked a little crazy, but that is nothing new.
Garrett loves standing up. If you try and sit him down he becomes rigid and will not bend so you have to stand there holding his hands. He has been pulling up onto his knees whenever he gets the opportunity. Addie and Ben did NOT do this and I don't know what to expect with this little man. He is still not quite crawling, but he gets where he wants to go with rolling and scooting. Jon and I laugh at him when he is standing because he is so little.
Addie is such a good big sister. She was so excited to help Garrett stand up for a picture. Just second after I took this picture they both tumbled to the ground, I guess holding Garrett up is a lot of work for a little girl.

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