Sunday, August 7, 2011

Since We've Been Home

Thankfully I didn't have much laundry to do when we got home, but Garrett did help me get all caught up.
Garrett has mastered sitting up and turning around. He loves to smile for the camera.
Addie came and gave me a hug and was being very sweet and I love this picture because of that, but I also love Ben's expression in the background. This is how I will remember Bennett at 2 years old.
One of my favorite times of night, BED TIME!
The kids are all sleeping well now that we are home. They all seemed happy to see their beds again.
Garrett has really been enjoying his big boy food. He loves cheerios and puffs. If we start eating and I don't have any real food for him he starts moving his mouth like he is chewing and licking his lips. It is kind of pathetic, but really cute.
Playing at the park with our friends from church. We didn't last very long because it is still so hot here! The van regularly reads over 100 degrees.
It was Mrs. Jodi's birthday so she brought cup cakes to share. The kids loved the cupcakes.
We spent the evening with friends at the pool. Poor Brody just wanted to sit with the girls and eat, but they were being mean and not wanting to include him. It scares me that Addie is so good at rolling her eyes already.

The girls wanted to see my camera remote in action. It is always fun to get group shots, even if it was only a summer evening at the pool.
We have another month until 'school' starts and we are trying to enjoy all of the birthday parties, trips to the pool and after dinner ice cream trips. I hope you are all having a great summer too.

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