Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gettin' Things Done

There are times with small children that I feel like I am just keeping my head above water, trying to keep everyone fed, the next meal planned and the house reasonably clean. I have had a big project sitting out in the garage for a couple of months now and I finally tackled it this week.
There is a room in our house that we call the nest. It is a small room off of the master bedroom and I have claimed it as my space. It sat almost empty for a while, it has held several different chairs for napping or feeding babies, it has held the pack and play for a long time, but now Garrett is sleeping in his own bed, and sleeps through the night some of the time. I have really wanted a day bed for this room so that the kids and I could all cuddle up and watch a movie together. It is also a nice place to nap, or just relax. I did not want to buy a day bed because we have been buying furniture for the rest of the house.

I was at Lowe's one day when I found these cafe doors. They were marked 75% off the original price, only $20 a set. I bought two sets of them and came home with a vision. Jon doesn't always share my vision, but he is always so supportive. He helped me with the first couple of cuts and then I was ready to take over the project myself.
This is how the frame turned out. I know it isn't fancy, but it is sturdy.

And this is my cozy daybed, couch, little piece of heaven. I am working on more pillows for it, but it seems to be a big hit around here already. Addie wants me to paint it pink and Jon has already claimed it for his weekend naps. I love it when a project turns out how I it looks in my head.
Here is today's project. I know I have talked about Pinterest more than once, but it is awesome. I saw this picture on pinterest this morning and already had the burlap and the need for a new wreath. I picked up the straight pins and wreath form while we were out today. I am happy with the way the wreath turned out and now and I am on to my next project. I have to take advantage of these productive times because I never know when it will end. I hope you are having a great week so far!

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  1. Wow!!!! I am super impressed with all of this! Awesome job!!!!