Thursday, August 25, 2011

Your Son and My Son

Have you ever called your husband to tell him something that "your son" did. Today was one of those days for me. I was heading upstairs to get Ben up from his nap and I knew there was a problem before I opened the door, I could smell it. When we rearranged the boys' room the changing area on the dresser ended up right at the foot of Ben's bed. All of the diapers and things are in the drawers so it hasn't been an issue. I started leaving a thing of powder in a cute little cowboy crate this week and today during nap time Ben found it. He emptied almost all 15 ounces of powder. Ever wondered how far 15 ounces would go? Jon thought the whole thing was pretty funny.

He was very proud of himself and didn't really see a problem with the whole thing. I guess me going and getting the camera probably took away some of the gravity of the situation, but I know I will look back on these pictures and laugh one day. I did think that as much of a pain as it is to wash all of the bedding on both beds, vacuum and dust the whole room, at least it is powder and not poop. The things that keep you going as a mom.
Now on to "My son". Garrett was in our room and I heard him banging on the guitar. I went in and got these pictures. Then he was still having fun so I got a video of him. You can watch my little musician here:

I love both of these boys so much and all of the fun that they bring into our lives. I did ask Ben if he was going to play with the powder again and he said "Yes". We had another little talk about how we don't play with powder and he said "I sorry Mommy". Those words will always melt my heart, even when he does it again. Hopefully we just won't give him the opportunity, powder is now a controlled substance in our house and will not be left within reach of the little people.


  1. So funny! And yes - I always refer to Jacks as "your son" to Kyle when he is acting up. Jacks still thinks its hilarious to get into baby powder. Boys. ;)

  2. Haha! My first thought was "at least it wasn't poop and baby powder smells good." My cousin's child got into vaseline one time during nap time and covered everything!!! Now THAT would be bad!