Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Great Day

So if you have spoken to me recently you have probably heard me talk about Pinterest. It is a really fun way to waste time looking at pretty pictures. I have tried to be more intentional about doing some of the really neat projects that I am inspired by. These letters were one of those projects.
This is one of the walls in the boys' room now that I have rearranged some of their furniture.
Here is Garrett spending some quality time with me this afternoon. I was experimenting with different settings on my camera and he made it a lot more fun.
After Addie and Ben woke up they spent some quality time together watching a movie and eating a snack.
Everyone was anxiously awaiting Daddy's return from work. This picture was also inspired by one I found on Pinterest.
I hope you had a great day, we did.


  1. love it! precious pics, and u did a great job with the room!

  2. Love those three little sets of legs. Adorable picture!