Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Here in Houston we have been dealing with 100+ degree days. They said with the heat index the temperature made it to 108 the other day, YUCK. I love summer time and I love to be warm, but this is a bit excessive. Thankfully the kids nap during the hottest part of the afternoon so we are inside. In the evening we are lucky to have our neighborhood pool that we can head to, but the pool is closed on Mondays. This week I had found a kiddie pool at the grocery store that was 75% off. I got it thinking it might come in handy. As soon as the kids saw it they wanted it filled up with water. So on Monday after dinner Jon filled up the pool with water and took the kids outside to play. When I got outside I found this:
Jon is such a fun Dad, he had put the slide into the water for the kids and they had SO much fun.

And they had watermelon for dessert.
Garrett didn't get in on the action, but he had fun watching.
He is the sweetest little man.
On Tuesday night we headed back to the pool. This is how we head to the pool. I love that Garrett is big enough to ride now.
Daddy and Garrett getting ready to head into the water.
Ben and his floaties. He is pretty fearless with these on. After I took this picture he walked over to the pool and jumped right in. I love to watch the other people at the pool when he does that because it usually catches them off guard and they look around to see if it is okay that he is in the water.
Addie was so excited to see one of her friends at the pool I couldn't get her to look at the camera.
They are predicting a high of ONLY 99 on Monday. I hope you are having a great summer, we sure are.

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