Friday, January 11, 2013

10 on 10

I took ten pictures today, but I did not take them on time.  

Daddy and Garrett having breakfast.  Garrett's favorite way to eat is to sit on Daddy's lap and alternate bites.

Addie is off to school and the boys played so well together.  Here they are playing with Addie's Littlest Pet Shop.

This has to be my favorite moment of brotherly love.  Garrett and Ben were helping me clean up and put together a couple of puzzles.  When they finished Garrett went and got another puzzle.  He was really upset until I let him carry it over to Ben and they worked on another one together.  There was no screaming or fighting, it was precious.
This sweet boy was playing with the airplanes Grandma and Poppa sent for Christmas.  He loved watching them zoom around the house.  

Nap time, both of my boys sleeping in big boy beds in the same room.  They are so grown up and so sweet.  I am one lucky Momma.

During nap time I was able to finish our big switch a roo that I started this week.  This is where our office used to be.  This is now our play area.  I really like how it turned out and the kids seem to be enjoying it too.

 Up from nap time and Garrett is still in a cuddly mood.  He loves Bumba and Ah.
 Addie is home from school and spend a little time on the computer.  She is on  Polly Pockets were one of my favorite toys when I was a little girl.  
Homemade chocolate chip cookies for an after dinner treat.

 Poor Ben-Ben had to make his first trip to the doctor today.  It turns out he had an infected finger nail, I would not recommend watching the videos on youtube about what it is.  The poor thing was a little loopy from the medicine they had to give him so they could clean out his finger.  We had to feed him his dinner and carry him to bed.  He is feeling much better this morning, but his finger is going to be sore for a couple of days.  
 Addie enjoying a cookie, trying to fit the big cookies into a little cup.
It was a full day with lots of fun, an emergency, and cookies to make it all better.

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  1. What's your trick for your boys napping together??? Is it just *them*??? I'm so impressed! LOVE the room switch too--the playroom looks awesome!