Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Church Coffee

Our church, Oslo International Church, is an amazing place.  It is the first and only church we visited.  Even though it is on the other side of Oslo it is totally worth the drive every Sunday afternoon.  It is not an American church, but English is the main language.  I love that our pastor and his wife are from Brazil.  I also love that each Sunday we go through the congregation and each person says their name and what country they come from.  There are a lot of countries represented!  This past Sunday we had a   couple of Norwegian congregations join us and we were able to sing a famous Norwegian hymn.  I am sure I butchered the pronunciation, but I had fun following along and trying to sing it with everyone.  

The kids' favorite part of church, besides their children's church time, is Church Coffee.  Our service starts at 4 PM so when we are done with the service we have coffee, tea and snacks.  This week I helped to bring the snacks, but thankfully I had help because we had a big crowd with all of our visitors.  

The kids were not happy with me because I wasn't letting them into the room.  They usually run straight for the snack room and help themselves.  Today we let our guests go through first and then the children were allowed in.  Don't let them fool you, they did not go without.  One of our little friends turned one this week and there was plenty of cake to go around.  

The community at this church has been very welcoming and we are excited to be getting more involved.  We love that our children have been welcomed so enthusiastically, this really is a special place.


  1. Sounds wonderful, so glad you make the effort to connect with God's people in spite of the cold and inconvenience.

  2. that is seriously great yall found a good church to become involved in here! :) i love that they incorporate a little bit of the norwegian culture with the activities and congregations, too!