Wednesday, January 2, 2013


When we got to Norther Maine our cabins were ready and waiting for us.  This was my first time at Arndt's Aroostook River Lodge and Campground.    The cabins were adorable and they were even all decorated for Christmas, inside and out.  Our family stayed in one cabin with Nannie, GeeGee and Aunt Laura, and my Aunt Wendy, Uncle Joe and Mike had the cabin just up the hill.   My cousins now have kiddos and we were able to have some of them over to play too.  
Hot chocolate and cookies after playing in the snow.
The whole gang at the beginning of our visit.
Bennett was showing off some of his 'moves'.
Addie as the Hulk.
I love these rosy cheeks.
Gare Bear was ready to play.
The cabin had great decorations, including a real bear skin rug.
This is a special picture because I wore this dress when I was Addie's age.  My mom and I have a picture together just like this, hopefully I can find a copy.
More dance moves, these boys can put on quite a show.
On Sunday we visited the Weslyan Church.  This is the church I went to when I lived here, when I was Addie's age.  It was so special to be able to bring Addie back to this place.  The boys loved the nursery and Addie had a blast at Children's church.  They had 'money' for her to spend and Addie had fun shopping.
The Children's Church kids all dressed up and came into the main service at the end.  I love that our sweet angel was included in this and she walked out like she had been going to this church all her life.
On Monday we started the gift exchanges with cousins.  My Mom had goodie bags for all the kids and these reindeer noses were in all of them.
They had a blinking red light in them, so fun!
This silly boy loved it.
Everyone got in on the fun.
Angel Ellie.
Here are the kiddos on Christmas Eve.  I found these gingerbread jammies at H&M here in Norway.  These happy faces bring me so much joy!


  1. Love the last picture! And pjs are adorable!

  2. I'm not even sure if I'm commenting on the correct coorelating post--all the pics are great; looks like such a special trip "home." My favorite is the one of you and Jon giving eachother stink eye over him winning monopoly. So hysterical and fun!!!