Monday, January 7, 2013

Lots to Do

The iPad is always with us, and always a favorite activity of the kids, but this trip we wanted to make sure we did more.
The kids weren't the only ones spending time on the computer, me and my Dad working away.
 More matching jammies and getting to sit on a real bear skin rug, that is pretty special.

 Check out the Amish horse and buggy.  We saw them all over town while we were there.  This one was headed to Lowe's or the mall.
 Our next activity was bowling.  For 1 hour of bowling and 5 shoe rentals we only paid $15, but we had to do our own record keeping.  It has been a long time since I had to keep score myself.
 We were all having fun.
 This is candle pin bowling, the pins are shaped differently and the balls are smaller and don't have any holes in them.  I grew up going to a bowling league every Saturday morning when I was Addie's age.
 She loved that she could hold the ball easily.
 Ben got so excited when he knocked down the pins.
 The guys running the bowling alley told us we could go up to the second fault line for the kids.  We had to be careful or Garrett would walk almost all the way to the pins.
 Jon takes his bowling very seriously.
 Look at that form!
 My turn, for all of my experience I was TERRIBLE.  We all had fun though.
 More matching jammies, but this time

it was Nannie and Aunt Laura!

 Post bath hair all combed and parted.
 They were predicting a big storm to hit us!
 I don't think we got as much as was predicted, but we got enough.  The campground where we stayed brought out their tractor.  It was fun watching them moving the snow.  Here you can see how big the snowflakes were.
The next morning they came back and cleared more snow.  

 The snow drifts on our back porch were fun.  We were all glad the front door didn't look like this.  The owner of the cabin did bring her son over later and dug out the back porch and our vans.
 We took a little time to go play in all the new snow.  I love this picture of Addie and Nannie.
Aunt Laura took a turn at the most fun activity, washing dishes.  With 8 people in a house even with paper plates there always seemed to be dishes to do.

Another activity I remember doing as a child, ice skating at the Forum.  For all of us to rent skates, walkers and have 2 hours of ice skating was only $25.  Compared to Oslo prices it was so nice to have reasonable prices for activities.  

 Addie had so much fun!  Ben needed a little help, but he had fun to.
 Garrett wouldn't even try to skate.  We did get one of these sleds and he loved this. Aunt Laura was a good sport and took turns pushing him around.
 Sometimes Addie needed a little help to get going.
 I love this sweet little man.  He was serious because he was taking everything in.
 He wore out the soonest and was happy to sit with Nannie.  None of us made it the full 2 hours, but we had so much fun!
 Then it was back to more snow mobile time.
 This counter at the Farm has had many different looks over the years.  I love that my kids have pictures  here.
 What else to do on a cold winter night?  Monopoly!  Can you guess who won?

Yes, Jon won, and I was not happy about that.  

Look at that snow coming down.  

On the day of the big snow storm Jon, Laura, Marilyn and the kids all went out to play.  When you have that many people you get creative on how everyone can have fun.  This is a snow mobile with 3 people on the front and three sleds being pulled behind.  You could hear the laughter all the way across the field.
 This is Ellie, Laura and Addison being pulled behind the sled.

We got to lots of snuggling, me with 2 of my men.  

 Snuggles with Nannie were a big part of the trip.
Addie was such a big girl, she held Arthur even though he is almost as big as her. 

 The very special snuggles were with Caleb, the newest member of this crazy family.
 He was the sweetest little baby and I am so thankful that I got to meet him.
 Aunt Laura took her turn.  Addie got to hold him too, but that picture is not on my camera.

Lots of fun special times!

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