Friday, January 18, 2013

My Latest Obsession

I bought this book for Christmas for Jon.  I was ordering the Mark Twain book, The Innocents Abroad, and this book came up under a related search.  When we came home from our Christmas travels I needed a book so I started reading this one.  I know David McCullough wrote 1776, but I was never able to get into that book.  This book is non fiction, but it still gripped me from the very beginning.  The book talks about Americans that traveled from the USA to Paris starting around 1830.  McCullough uses letters, personal journals and any other first hand accounts that he could find to re-create the stories of real live people.  The details that he is able to include and the way some of the stories intertwine gives credence to the saying, truth is stranger than fiction.  
I am not sure why I a so infatuated with a non fiction book, maybe it is because I can relate to people going on adventures abroad.  It could also be that the main 'character' of the book is the city of Paris itself.  I have never been to Paris, but it is one of those cities that has so much personality and so many stories.  Now that I have read more about the history of Paris and some of the famous land marks I am so excited to get to Paris for the first time.

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