Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas morning we woke up EARLY and opened our presents at the cabin.  Here was our little alarm clock.  He is usually our best sleeper, but on Christmas morning he woke up at 5 AM on the dot.
  It was Nannie, GeeGee, Aunt Laura and our family and it was very nice.  We were done with everything by 6 AM.  
 Addie was so excited to get her Princess and the Popstar doll!  Thank you Uncle James and Aunt Shana.
 Garrett's keyboard and microphone from Nannie and GeeGeee, he loves hearing himself sing.
 Ben trying out his scooter and his pop gun.
I am sporting my new necklace from Lisa Leonard, thank you to Jon for a great gift.  The rest of the outfit was part of my Freeport shopping.  I have been pinning outfits, and especially boots like these.  I was so happy to find a pair!

Everyone got ready and we headed over to Aunt Nora and Uncle Stan's house.  This house has been in the family for a long time.  My mom moved into this house when she was a little girl and it is one of thew few houses that has remained constant in my life.  Another constant is Uncle Stan tormenting the youngest generation.  Here he is getting ready to give Addie a wet willie.
She loved it.  
Ben is a little more low key.  He was having fun sitting with Papa and playing on the mobi go.  
 These rolls were not the traditional home made ones that we usually have, but they were delicious.

The one thing that Jon really wanted to do in Maine was ride a snow mobile.  My mom tried to find a place that we could rent one from, but Northern Maine is not a really touristy area and none of the local places had a sled available.  Thanks to Geary and Leslie, my cousin and his girl friend, for coming through and letting us borrow their sled.  We all had a great time!

The men spent a good part of the day in the living room watching tv.

 Papa and Arthur, at this time Arthur was the youngest great grand child.
 There is Judy, the next great grand baby was almost ready to join the family!
 GeeGee and Ben back on the couch.
 Geary and his nephew, Arthur trying out the new wagon.
 Nana and Arthur.  Arthur is the happiest sweetest baby, you can tell from all the pictures with everyone he was a big hit.  I think almost everyone held him at some point.
 Aunt Wendy had her turn with Arthur too.
 Garrett had fun outside, look at those red cheeks!  Nannie was having so much fun.
Here is the whole gang, I think the final count was 32 people.  We all enjoyed a delicious meal and we made a lot of special memories.  People traveled from Texas, Florida, Norway, and all over Northern Maine to be at this dinner it was awesome.  The last time we did something like this was about 20 years ago.  Hopefully it won't take another 20 years before we all get together again.
 Here is our family.

 Judy and her oldest, Ellie.  Addison loved playing Ellie all week.  Can you believe Ellie was our little flower girl at our wedding 8 1/2 years ago?  She wasn't even walking yet and now she is a beautiful, kind girl.
 All of the great grand kids and a couple of the younger grand children.  Nana got all of them matching pajamas, I guess I know where I get my desire to have everyone match from.

This is my favorite picture of Arthur and his Mom.  

 This is the house from the back fields.  I played in these fields as a child and it was so fun to be able to bring the kids back here and play.  

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