Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 on 10

My first 10 on 10 in Norway!  
I love looking back on this peak into our day.  Thanks to my friend, Jen, for introducing me to the idea.
Today's post is a little long than 10, but we have full days around here.
7:45 AM The big kids have been up for a while.  The iPad is a fun toy and you can cuddle under a blanket while you play too.
7:45 AM Addie eating her breakfast of peanut butter.  This girl LOVES peanut butter, we put it on a spoon for her and she just eats it up.
8:45 AM Time to take Addie to school.  It was 1*C when we left the house this morning.
9:45 AM We are home from dropping Addie off for the day.  Ben sat down with the iPad and Garret climbed up on the couch with him to watch him play, so sweet.
10:45 We were having so much fun at our new playgroup that I forgot to take a picture.  OOPS!  

11:45 AM Ben actually did a craft at playgroup!  He was not excited about me taking his picture, but I was so proud of his behavior today.
12:45 PM The playgroup is over and we are headed home for the day.  How cool is it that this is where our playgroup happens?  I love how beautiful everything seems to be here.
1:45 PM The boys were down for their naps and I had a few minutes to sit down with the computer.
2:45 PM Time to pick up Addie.  After our chilly morning I decided to try parking in the garage.  It is a tight fit, but I think it will be worth it this winter.
3:45 PM At Addie's school the kids can stay and play on the playground when we pick her up.  The boys LOVE getting to play at Addie's school.  Today some of Addie's friends stayed a little later so we did too.

 4:45 PM Homemade beef stew simmering for dinner, yum.
4:45 PM This is my kitchen helper!  He loves his new boots.
 5:45 PM Jon and I were stumped by the Ikea can opener.  I am so thankful for the youtube video of the random Russian guy showing us how to use it.  The stew tasted much better with the tomatoes that I was able to open.
5:45 PM This is how dinner turned out, Addie said it was her favorite thing.  She kept asking for more and saying that she is going to cook this for her kids one day.  She is so precious.
 Jon thought it was pretty good too.
 6:45 PM Tub Tub time.  This little man loves bath time.  If you say Tub Tub to him he starts stripping off his clothes and heading for the bathroom.  I am glad he likes the water because he ends up so dirty at the end of each day.
 7:45 PM Bible reading time with Daddy, Garrett was already in bed, he had a long day.  I love seeing these guys together.
 7:45 PM And now that the kiddos are all in bed, it is time for some chocolate cookies. The top package are my favorite, but the bottom ones aren't bad either.


  1. Love all of your adventures and little fun things that you are doing. Thanks for the pictures. We miss you guys but know that you are having a wonderful experience. Love MOMMA Pat

  2. GREAT day!! i'm loving keeping up with you guys!