Saturday, October 27, 2012

Our Ordinary Saturday

Our ordinary Saturday didn't start out so ordinary.  We had a couple of more visitors this morning, I thought Addie was telling a story when she said there was a deer in our yard.  
 This poor girl didn't last very long, she jumped the fence pretty quick after she saw the crowd in the window.  
 Here they are trying to be sneaky.
Not much later Garrett started pointing out the window.  Jon thought he was just being silly until he looked out and saw this guy with his antlers hanging out.  He didn't come into our yard, but he did give us quite a look from behind the fence.  
 Then it was time to get ready to go, here are the kiddos sporting their new Angry Birds socks.  I love that all three of my kids can get by with the same sized socks, we only had to buy one package and they all got a pair.  I thought there was going to be a fight over the red bird, but Addie was very gracious with Ben.
 This morning we decided to see how far of a walk it is to Addie's school.  The way we drive and the way we would walk are two different things so I wasn't sure if it was a possibility or not.  We really enjoyed our walk into town this morning, I probably will not be ready to take on that walk to school any time soon, but it is good to know it can be done.  While we were in town the kids stopped to play at this little play area.  It is torture for the kids because the McD's is right next door, but we were just there for some playing.  We did get a couple of treats,  the kids had their Angry Birds suckers and Jon and I each got our favorite pastry, YUM. 

 We had never been in town on a Saturday morning like this, apparently Bekkestua is the place to be.  There were people all over the place, I found quite a few stores I didn't realize were there, and the kids got to meet Scooby-Doo.  The cartoon channel plays Scooby-Doo every day here, Addie and Ben have really started to get into Scooby-Doo, Addie's favorite is old school Tom and Jerry.  I love the retro cartoons.  I loved that Scooby was out today.  
 On the walk home we got this vista.  Today was GORGEOUS.  I am starting to realize why it is so important to enjoy the sunshine when you can get it.  These grey and dreary days, one right after the other can start to get to you.  When it is nice out here it really is one of the prettiest places I have been.
I love all of the old red farm houses here in Norway. 
 Addie and I picked up walking sticks for the way back, she put hers to good use.
 Of course Ben and Garrett decided they needed walking sticks.  Garrett did not quite understand the concept, but he was still cute.
 During nap time I was able to make a trip to the mall all by myself!  This was a normal event back in Texas, me going out while everyone else slept, but here in Norway that has been harder to accomplish. I have been to the mall several times now I was ready to make some purchases.  Shopping here takes a lot more concentration on my part.  There are no stores that I recognize here, except for Toys R Us and H&M.  The rest of the stores, and there are a lot of them, needed to be explored and evaluated for pricing and quality.  I have been looking at snow suits for the boys since we got here.  We have traditional ski pants and jackets for them, but they are not very high quality.  Addie's school sent out a great article that they had translated that evaluated all of the brands of snow suits.  I had also received several recommendations from other Ex pats and Norwegians about what to get.  I ended up finding both Garrett and Bennett's sizes in the Reimatec brand at Barnas Hus.  These were expensive, but well worth it if there are going to keep my little guys warm and dry.  Norwegian children wear their snowsuits a little baggier than I am used to seeing, but I like it because you can fit a lot of layers under there if you need to, or you can just throw on your suit to go out and play, like Garrett did tonight.  I hadn't even cut the tags off yet, but he was ready for some fun.
My finds for the day included a hair dryer (can you believe I haven't blow dried my hair in a month), a cool basket and an Advent calendar with hooks under each number.  I was so excited to find the calendar because I have started prepping for Christmas and this will be perfect for our family, and it was on SALE.  If you know me at all you know I love finding a bargain.  This calendar and super cute basket were both half price making them a good deal even by US prices!

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