Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our First Snow

I had started a good old poor me post this morning.  I was feeling down after a rough week with Ben, losing our stroller, almost no sun shine and still adjusting to our new life here in Norway.  Today the sun was shining bright and the boys and I were able to make a successful trip to Ikea.  I knew this move would not be all sunshine and roses, but this was my first time of real frustration.  We are past being brand new and now we are trying to settle in to our real life.  We are so blessed to have the opportunity to live here and meet new people and try new things, but there are aspects of the Norwegian culture that  make settling in a little more challenging for us.  On our To Do list this weekend is to buy 2 vehicles and make sure they have their snow tires ready to go.  I also need to buy Norwegian snow suits, woolen undershirts, wool socks, and all the other fun things that you need to survive a Norwegian winter.  I have been out in the stores a little and I have talked to several Norwegians and Expats and listened to their recommendations.  Addie's school even sent out an email with an article that compared all of the brands of kids' snow suits for durability.  It was originally in Norwegian so they translated it and sent it to all of us parents.  It is amazing the difference in quality and price on outdoor gear here.  At least I have figured out all of the kids sizes.  

We have had some fun this week.  Addie has been doing a lot of coloring.  Whenever she has the markers out Garrett wants to color too.  I love watching Addie color, she is so creative and she is so proud of her work.

 Garrett is a mess when he colors.  His enthusiasm is sweet, but the disaster that I have to clean up is not.  
 Thankfully the marker wipes right off of our table.
 We also had our first snow flurries this afternoon.  Addie was so excited about the snow, she wanted to go out and catch snowflakes on her tongue.  I remember taking a picture of her at Garrett's age doing this when we lived in Colorado. Time goes so fast!  
 We all got dressed quickly and ran out to enjoy the first few flakes of the season.  
 Ben did not want to be in any pictures, but I wanted to show how we have lost all of the leaves off of our vines on the house in just the last couple of days.  Ben was cold and ready to go in the house already, it is going to be a long winter with this little man.  
 Addie was precious in the middle of the yard spinning in circles.  And then as quickly as it had begun the snow stopped.  Addie was a little disappointed, but she wanted to stay out and play so I did get her and Garrett dressed so they were warm enough and let the play outside.  
I really am one lucky mom, I can't imagine my life without these three amazing kiddos.  

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  1. Love y'all! I still have a piece of artwork on my refrigerator from Addie.