Sunday, October 7, 2012

I Love Fall

International church is in the evening here in Norway so we woke up this morning and had to decide what we wanted to do today.  One of Jon's coworkers had mentioned a fun little area not far from here that we might like.  He said it was like Old Town Spring in Texas.  

We started the drive this morning and we saw this beautiful bit of scenery.  There was no where to stop so we pulled over as soon as we could and walked back down to this spot.  
 I love Norway because they have sidewalks all the way outside of the city so we were able to walk safely down this road and take some pictures. 
 Jon was really enjoying the view, I promise he is not that stressed out.
 And then we had to walk back up the hill to the car.  The kids had fun racing, for a minute, and then they needed a break.
 As much as Jon and I were excited about the view, the kids were so excited about the field of cows we parked next to.  
 I love these children.
 Then we got in the car and drove the rest of the way to 

Bærums Verk.   

The website is in Norwegian, but you can translate it and find out all about this great little historic town. 
 There are restaurants, shops, artists, a river and several bridges.  The kids loved looking at the water and all of the statues.
 The kids wanted to see this moose statue, but when we wanted them to sit on the moose Addie acted like we were torturing her.  
 One of the adorable bridges in town.
These thrones seemed very fitting for our little clan, Ben wanted to get his lunch and eat it here.
 I was so proud of Addie when she was willing to share hers with Garrett.  
 This bakery had some very yummy sandwiches and an amazing pastry.  I meant to take pictures of the food before we ate it, butI forgot because I was hungry.  One of the sandwiches had shrimp on it and it was very tasty, another sandwich was a version of chicken salad with garlic.  The dessert, I don't remember the name, but it was a pastry with pecans and maple syrup in it.  It was amazing, I just wish I knew the name.  

Days like this are one of the reasons that we moved to Norway.  We love to go and explore as a family and there are so many amazing places to explore here.
If you come to visit us in Norway we are probably going to bring you to this great little place. We didn't explore any of the hiking trails, but I am sure they are amazing.  

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  1. Looks like y'all are settling in nicely! Beautiful surroundings!