Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trunk or Treat and Shiver

I knew we would be getting here in time for Halloween, but before our large shipment of household goods got here.  We bought these costumes in the US and put them in our air shipment.  I did forget to put in bags for the kids to collect their candy in so tonight we used good ole pillow cases.  I wasn't sure before we got here if Norwegians even did Halloween.  I knew they were going to have something at Addie's school, but I wasn't sure what it would be like.  Apparently Halloween is getting bigger here, there are Halloween stores in the mall and lots of scary costumes.  

Getting ready for Halloween was a lot of fun.  As soon as we put this dinosaur costume on Garrett he started chasing Jon and I around the house.
 Ben LOVED his pirate costume, he even had a place to put his sword.
 I am finally learning how to do Addie's hair.  I know nothing about curly hair and have had to learn.  I struggle putting her hair into an updo because it is thinner than my hair and so very curly.  I finally found a twist that works for her.
 I love my princess, pirate and dinosaur.
 We were getting ready to go to a Trunk or Treat at Addie's school.  I knew that Halloween would be different here because of the cold.  All of the kiddos had an extra layer under their costumes, and we did bring coats, hats, and gloves with us.  Ben had taken my gloves within minutes of getting out of the car.  This little man is the SLOWEST walker ever, he takes after his daddy.  Because of that he is always having to catch up.  I loved his little hands holding his hat on while he ran today.
 They were all holding hands and it was just precious.
 On the way to the school we noticed all of the trees have dropped their leaves.  The leaves have been falling since we got here, but today the trees seemed to have given up.  There are piles like this under all the trees in our area.  
 Addie was the most practical of all the children and wore her jacket over her dress.  Here she is taking a swing at a piñata.
 Garrett and Bennett sat down for hot dogs for dinner.  Ben's hands were cold so he only took one glove off to eat.  
 The boys enjoyed the donut on a string game.  This is a hilarious game for kiddos.  The kids saw a little girl in a Brave/Merida costume and they were entranced.  Every time she would walk by they would point her out.  Ben also got very excited about a Power Ranger we saw.  
 I finally made Garrett put his coat on when I couldn't stand it any more.  He was so mad at me.  It was so cold though.  I am realizing that we are going to be so cold this winter. It is still going to be a shock to our system as it 
His costume got the most looks overall, especially when he had his coat on and his little tail stuck out the back.
 Even Daddy got into the action 'carrying' Ben's pirate hat.
 When we got home we dumped out all of the candy and everyone got a couple of pieces.  There was some good candy.

There was some fun candy too! I'm not sure I could eat one of these, but they are fun.

Everyone got out of the costumes pretty quickly when we got home.  I love this little man and his long underwear.  
 And just for fun here is a photo from last year. 

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