Tuesday, October 9, 2012

First Day

Addie started her first day of school today.  She was a little nervous last night, but this morning she was ready to go.  We had to do some last minute shopping yesterday for a rain suit.  I have never had to buy rain pants before, but here they are pretty common.    The school sends home a bunch of info on what kinds of outdoor clothes to wear.  They want to make sure the kids are warm because they play outside all the way down to 14*F  YIKES!  We still have a few things to pick up, but we are on our way to having a warm little girl.

I almost forgot to take a picture.
 That is why we had an impromptu photo shoot in the parking lot with all the mud puddles.  Believe it or not we made it through this parking lot with no one ending up in a puddle.  
 After we dropped Addie off we headed to the grocery store, again.  I didn't have 10NOK to borrow a grocery cart so we just used the little carts.  Garrett is usually contained, this was his first time with his own cart, and it did not go well.  Garrett found the pastry section and was adamant that he was going to get a pastry.  So I got to push a little cart while I carried a basket and Garrett for most of the shopping trip.  I love these boys, but I do not love shopping with them. 

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