Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Inside Fun

This is the Run Around Room (RAR).  The RAR is a long empty room in our basement that the kids have claimed as their territory.  The stairs down to the basement are too narrow and twisty to get anything down to this room so it will remain empty.  We did get our Air shipment and once the boxes were unloaded I moved those down stairs.  Any parent knows how much kids loves boxes and this has been no exception.
 The kids have come up with more creative ideas to play with these boxes.  it is so fun to see their minds at work and their bodies at work.
 Garrett has a hard time keeping up and he does not like it.  He can climb up on the boxes, but he can't jump.  He was telling me all about it.
 After lots of running around the kids had to take a break.
 Addie loves to pose, and Garrett always has a big "Cheese" for me.
 Upstairs the kids have a playroom with a few toys.  Ben was "rocking out" on his guitar.
He loves this guitar.
Garrett always wants his picture taken too.
This is the Dance Party.  This space is going to hold a desk, when we find one.  The kids like to play with the lights and dance.
And dance some more.
Addie has got some moves.
I love these crazy kids.  We are still getting used to the cold and end up spending more time than we should inside.  We are trying to get outside more while we can.

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