Friday, October 5, 2012

Playing outside

Addie wanted to go out and play this morning, so she put on her boots, jacket, hat and gloves.  As soon as she started getting ready Garrett was ready to go too.  He was so happy to wear these giant boots.  He can barely walk  in them, but he feels like such a big boy.  
 Ben decided that playing outside didn't look like that much fun so he stayed inside with me.  That's right, my spot on the couch was right next to Ben.  I love that we have a fenced in yard so the kids can go outside and play and explore.
Addie and Garrett only lasted a few minutes outside this morning, it is CHILLY.  I don't know how we are all going to get up and be ready to take Addie to school next week. The mornings are chilly, but the afternoons really are not that bad right now.   I am glad we have had this week to adjust, and on Monday we don't have to be there until 9:30.  After that though we have to leave here around 8:30.  I have driven the route to her school a couple of times so I know how to get there.  Today we are going to the grocery store, again.  One day I will have us stocked up so I only have to go once a week.  


  1. wasn't God good to provide a real house!!! (with backyard)

    1. Yes! Jon and I were just talking about our decision to live outside the city and if we regretted it. I can say now after the first couple of days I am so happy we live where we do. The yard is great and the small town feel is fun. We enjoy visiting the city.