Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pannekake Huset

Today was another glorious Norwegian fall day.  The boys got to try out their rain pants for the first time.  Garrett wanted to really test out his rain pants and boots.  They did very well.  I think rain pants are great and make rainy days much more fun.  I am going to look for a pair for myself.
We took Mr. Pat out to Bærums Verk.  We were able to go into several of the shops and see some fantastic products, many of them locally handmade.

 Jon was a good sport as usual and played outside with the kids.  Here he is showing off his amazing dance moves, taking advantage of the slippery stone. 
 The swollen river made a beautiful sight at the falls.

Downriver was beautiful as well, the leaves are just gorgeous here right now.
Jon and Ben making their way across the bridge.

 It wasn't really that cold today, but it was very wet.

 I still love the Norwegian wreaths.  I need to just go ahead and get one for the house, I feel like I have taken pictures of these all over town.
 The florist had brought her dog to work today, a sweet little French bulldog.  The kids were able to spend some time loving on him.
 Garrett was so happy to get to love on a dog.
 The next stop was the Pannekake Huset.  This place came recommended by a coworker of Jon.  They specialize in Belgian pancakes.  I never knew the Belgians did pancakes, I always think waffles.  We were not sure what to expect, but we were very excited when we saw what came out.  Addie got the bacon pancake.  The strips of bacon were cooked right in.
 Ben just wanted a plain pancake, he was happy boy with the real maple syrup they had on the table.
Pat was excited about his meal, we waited for a while before our food came.
Mr. Pat got the Amsterdam, apples and raisins, it was delicious.
 This was mine, mushrooms, cheese, and ham.  I wasn't sure about a savory pancake, but I was so thankful I went this direction.  It was delicious.  Jon got a banana, chocolate and ice cream pancake.  We decided that the next time we go we are going to share so we can each have half sweet and half savory.
 Gare Bear dug into his pancake with raspberry jam.  He did end up eating more ice cream than anything else.
 This is a great place to visit!  They open at noon through the week and 1400 (2 PM) on Sunday.  Our service was okay, but they were getting really busy as we left.  I would plan on going when they first open if you could.  We will definitely be heading back here.  


  1. Amy - I am LOVING reading all of your updates. I haven't left a comment because I feel like I have so much to say & I'm too OCD to keep it simple, lol- (Don't feel like I've really said 'goodbye' yet), but I have to say PLEASE keep updating us. Love reading about your life in Norway and seeing these pics. How gorgeous these pics are! What a fun, fall day. Y'all seem to be adjusting so well. :) WE sure do miss y'all lots!

    1. I'm glad you are enjoying the updates, I have fun putting our adventures down on paper. Our last weeks in Texas went so fast sometimes I still can't believe we are here. We are adjusting well, but we have been told that it hasn't really gotten cold here yet. We will see how we do when winter really sets in. We miss all of you, I have enjoyed your posts about your kiddos too.