Monday, October 29, 2012

Throwing Snowballs

When I finally rolled out of bed this morning at 7:04 I was excitedly told it had snowed!  Addie had already been outside to play in the snow.  Have I mentioned that Addie and Ben are up at 5:30 pretty much every single day?  They get a lot done early in the morning, like playing in the snow.  When it was time to take Addie to school I started the process of getting all of us ready to go out in the snow.  I knew this was going to be a challenging part of living in a cold climate.  I am sure the process will get faster, but right now it is not fun.  Ben does not like his snow suit.  He doesn't like anything bumpy (bulky) and his first reaction to a new pair of snow boots or hats or anything he doesn't like is to take it off.  Since all of these things are not an option here I just put them on and hold him down until he gets past it.  Thankfully he is adjusting well to all of the layers and he stayed nice and warm and dry while he played.  
They were having so much fun throwing snowballs at each other.  This is something they have been talking about since we talked about moving here.  

The boys started to gang up on Addie, I am sure this will not be the last time that happens.  The only rule is no snowballs in the face.  Ben is still working on that rule, poor Garrett has already taken more than his share of snowballs right in his little face.  In Ben's defense Garrett is really short and it is hard not to get it in his face.

This short bit of playing did teach me a couple of things, 1) we LOVE the boots from Nannie and GeeGee and the snowsuits for the boys, they stayed completely dry.  2) We need better gloves for the boys, something they can move their hands in to make snowballs, but that are water proof,  3) I need some waterproof boots for myself, and 4) Addie might need to start riding the bus.  I don't think getting to school 20 minutes late is going to be okay every time it snows here.

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